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Tunisia is located in the northernmost part of the African continent. The solar energy resources are very abundant . The local electricity bill is very expensive. So our customer Mr, Jean wants to use the solar power system. He does not want the batteries because he uses it in his office, mainly during the day. We recommend him to use a on grid system. The on grid system is connected to the grid, and can sell electricity to the grid too. Mr.Jean said that he does not want to sell electricity, but only wants to use for his office . I said that our on grid inverter has anti-backflow function, and the electricity that can be set only for the user’s use. He is very satisfied with it. Our on grid inverter is a major international brand-Growatt, the TOP10 brand of inverters in the world, and Mr.Jean trusts it. According to his load situation and budget, we designed a 5kw system for him, and the solar panels are all sufficient power, A-level grade, we also introduced some of our government engineering projects to him, like the 80kw government office building in Kenya60kw airport project in Indonesia, the 200kw solar project in Papua New Guine. Mr.Jean is more determined by our quality and service , And finally place an order-- one set 5kw on grid system, he said that he would like to buy a set for his home in near future.

Power: 5kw

Location: Tunisia

Use: home use

Type: Grid tie solar system


We have been focusing on the solar energy industry for 12 years, covering various fields such as household use, commercial use, farm use, etc., and provide suitable solutions to different customers. If you need it, please feel free to consult us.

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