In March 2020, the customer found TANFON Solar through the website and said that there was a government bidding project that was used in the school and wanted to ask us for a quote.

We organize the configuration of the entire system (photovoltaic panels, inverters, controllers, lightning protection combiner boxes, special solar energy brackets, special wires for solar energy systems, circuit breakers) according to the tender documents provided by customers,

During the period, we verified customer needs together. In addition to ensuring the stable operation of the system, the customer also mentioned the most important point: To be able to monitor the system operation (mobile phone and computer data synchronization) at any time, there must be a remote monitoring function, when the battery is low, an email will be sent Notice.

After one month of research and development by our engineers, the remote connection and email alarm notification of the entire system are finally developed, which can transmit data stably.

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