How does Tanfon help the partners make money?

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In 2014, Luis who is from Mozambique started to cooperate with Tanfon, but at that time it was just a simple buying and selling relationship between us. He got some orders locally, and only if there were customers who want to buy the solar system, he contacted with us. At that time ,he came to China twice a year, every time he would come to our factory to visit us, no matter there was a new order or not. So we have regarded him as not only a customer,more like a friend. For so many years, he has always trusted us, just like other different products are needed, he also asked us to help pay, and for bigger orders, he would also let us visit the factory and check the quality.

In 2019, we formally signed a regional agency cooperation, opened an exhibition hall, the local service center. Our two sides are adhering to a mutually beneficial and friendly cooperative relationship. If the customers of our factory need to install, they also directly provide the installation service to the local customers. 

Every time Luis ordered one or two containers goods from us, because now the solar products are popularly sold at local Mozambique market, new orders will be placed every month.

The hot sell products in Africa are: solar floodlights, solar street lights, solar water heaters, and solar water pumps; 5kw and 10kw household systems, 30kw and 50kw or more bigger power commercial solar systems.

The installation team of the service center is constantly growing. In May 2021, after half a year of inspection, LUIS also opened a solar branch in Durban, South Africa, to better prepare for service projects in South Africa.

Why did LUIS choose Tanfon as its in-depth partner?

LUIS is very familiar with China and comes to China every year, so he also knows the suppliers very well. He said that he is not looking for the cheapest supplier, but for a supplier who can truly be trusted and can help him make money. So this is the reason why he chooses us!

If you also want to be in the solar industry, please contact our professional Tanfon sales team. Maybe our price is not the lowest. We could promise you that we are sure to help you make money!

The secret to make money:

  1. Tanfon can provide local customer resources in your area
  2. Tanfon provides free design drawings and installation services
  3. Tanfon provides free online product training

As long as you are willing to open up the market, then we have the strong strength to help you earn more money. For more earning money secrets, welcome to consult us, Welcome to join us!

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