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Tanfon IOT function help our customer win the Tender

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Mr. Peter, an Ethiopian customer who specializes in the solar energy projects and reselling at local. He mainly does farm engineering and industrial and commercial solar energy projects. Recently, he has a project of 20kw. He found us from our official website. He saw our website and learned that we started to install solar energy systems abroad in 2009. We have been in this industry for 12 years. Also see that we are focusing on the African and South American markets.


Because Mr. Peter is a intermediate merchant, he cares about quality, delivery time and service. We tell customers that what we give him is the quality of government projects. We do many solar projects all over the world, like the 80kw government office building in Kenya,60kw airport project in Indonesia, the 200kw solar project in Papua New Guinea,etc.


Regarding the delivery date, our factory has recently put in a brand new production line, and the production efficiency has increased by 15%. Therefore, even in the current global shortage of raw materials, we can still guarantee the delivery date required by our customers.


Regarding the service, why this time he chose our company, the most important factor is that there was a tender, which required WIFI monitoring. He found a lot of suppliers in China, only could check the data monitoring, like RS485 that only could see that data, can not get the actual monitoring and maintenance function. But our WIFI monitor can completely solve his problem. Because of this technology, it really helped him win this bidding order successfully. So he placed a sample order of one container at first.


His tender file wrote:

Remote Monitoring:

Remote monitoring to include:

1.WiFi enabled device capable of reading and storing battery data in memory as well as transmit this regularly (1 sec intervals) to an online internet portal

3.Data to be transmitted must include real time battery State of Charge (SoC), battery voltage, maximum cell voltage, minimum cell voltage, battery current, battery temperature and battery alarm status

4.Portal to include historical recording of data in graph and csv format for at least 30 days

5.Feature for downloading recorded data onto PC required

6.Email alert functions for battery alarms required


We will help him do a maintenance backstage so that he can see all the internet connected projects, so as to better maintain the after-sales service, realize online maintenance and shorten the after-sales time.

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