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Why Lebanon Customers choose Tanfon solar system?

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Have you ever been unable to cook because of a power failure?

Have you ever cannot sleep because of a power failure?

Have you ever failed to operate the factory running due to power failure?

Have you ever been forced to suspend a company meeting with your client because of a power outage?

Once we thought that using diesel generators could solve the problem of power failure, but diesel is a limited resource and will dry up one day. Believe now you're have realized that the shortage of diesel leads to another large-scale power shortage. How can we solve the problem of no power?

The answer is the sun.

The sun will come out and shine on the earth every morning. It is free, green, clean, quiet, and inexhaustible power generation energy. So how can we convert this energy into electricity?

The answer is solar power systems.

In Beirut the average 200 m2 home Energy consumption is 40 Kw hour per year / m2. home monthly energy consumption is around 666 KW hour during summer and 400 Kw hours during Spring season. Which gives us an average Kw hour per day of 21 KW hour/summer season and 13 kW hours per day in the spring season.

In 2019, we received a local inquiry from Lebanon, which said that his family had purchased generators, but recently, due to the shortage of fuel, they often couldn't buy fuel, cause 22 hours out off power per day, which serious affected the business and life of stores.

He doesn't want to endure the impact of the noise of diesel generators and the instability caused by the lack of fuel on their life in the future, He decided to buy solar energy. But in the other way, they want the solar system work with his generator together, because if raining day, can use generator charge full batteries.

We are professional on solar, our off-grid powerful solar system use technology 0 seconds from solar to city grid power.

Once without sunshine and battery power is low, will automatically switch to your local city grid or generator( please note the generator needs to be higher than the solar system at least 1.5 times ).

In the product comparison, he found that the powerful solar energy systems sold locally are high-frequency inverters. The high-frequency inverter during the power supply process will let inductive appliances( air conditioner, water pump, motor ) is unstable, affecting the service life of inductive appliances, and even the risk of scrapping, so he chose our low-frequency inverter.

We suggest if your home only have lights, TV, fans, computer , without air conditioner, water pump and motor, can choose high-frequency inverter, it is more competitive.

The customer was also very satisfied and purchased our powerful 10kW solar system.

that's why cooperation us again ,below is 20ft container loading video:

Now in 2021, our solar system has been working in Lebanon for nearly two years. During this period, we experienced a large-scale power failure caused by a fuel (diesel) shortage recently. The customer told me that they can fill all 16 batteries in the solar system in only two hours by using the generator, and our solar system can maintain the power supply for about six hours, He thinks our solar system has helped him and is still working very well

If you are also interested, please contact our sales team. Our team will provide customized solar system according to your family load.

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