25KW Off Grid Solar System Using Shingled Solar Panel In South Africa

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South Africa has a tropical grassland climate. The whole year is divided into summer and winter. Summer is from October to February of the following year, and winter is from June to August. The western region is relatively dry, and the eastern coast is relatively humid. The rainy season is mostly concentrated in summer. The annual rainfall decreases from east to west. The average annual rainfall in the east is about 1,000-1,200 mm, and the average annual rainfall in the west is about 60 mm. The uneven rainfall in the region makes the annual average rainfall in South Africa lower than the world average. Geographically, the central area of South Africa is dominated by plateaus. The east and south sides are adjacent to the steep cliffs. The terrain descends from the towering cliffs on the outside to the inland. The local annual average sunshine is about 1,800 kilowatt hours per square meter around.

Recently, many South African customers came to us to buy solar energy systems.

One customer bought a 25kva solar system for his farm. This customer himself is also a local engineer in South Africa, so under the guidance of our installation instructions, the customer successfully installed the 25kva solar system.

He use our new USA technology solar Panel--PERC panel (Shingled Solar Panel), extend the warranty time and efficiency use life .He feedback system working very well,

it can work 24hours for his farm to power his air conditioner and pump and refrigerators also lights. They also can have BBQ in night and invite their friends to come together join party .David said before they dont have electricity in their farm, so they only can use electricity with generator, but it is too noise and cost high so that is why they want to buy our solar system for their farm, which make them very convinent

They have friends who is interested in our off grid solar power system design also so they are looking for more friends to order together to save deliver cost.

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