Nigeria customer how to connect 8kw solar Home system?

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In recent years, with economic changes and the normalization of the Internet, more and more people have begun to online shopping and are also accepting to purchase products on the Internet, including large equipment for solar power systems.

It is very convenient to buy solar energy on the Internet, but it is not easy to find a suitable supplier.

Because there are many factories selling products, there are not many solar factories that sell services and one-stop solutions, and there are not many factories that integrate IOT technology into the field of OFF GRID SOLAR SYSTEM WITH BATTERY.

TANFON company, has been a 13-year certified member of the world's largest B2B platform, Inverter core components are supported by German technology;

Based on this reason, Mr. Femi from Nigeria who chose to cooperate with TANFON, his family and his petrol filling station need to install solar energy systems.

At first, he was worried that he would not install the system, so he chose to install a household solar system 8KW off grid solar system first. When the goods arrived, he asked the local electrician to install it,and finished in 2 days.

But the controller didn't work at first, he carefully checked according to our installation instructions again and found that the position of the solar panel connected to the combiner box was wrong. After adjustment, the whole system can work normally.


His electrician is a local solar energy system seller, thinking that our inverter is also an ordinary MOS inverter, which cannot carry heavy loads. We definitely told him that he can carry any inductive loads, and Mr.Femi can use this system with confidence.

From this case, we are more convinced that our installation instructions can help customers install off grid solar power systems well.

send install use's manuel---ask local electrician who know Positive and negative---Online video installation support.

Welcome to cooperate with TANFON. Not only do we sell products to you, but when you receive them, it is the beginning of our service.

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