Tanfon 30KW off grid solar system with PERC panel in Philippine

0 admin 2021-08-30 15:04:25

Mr John is from Philippine. He would like to install a solar system to use in his factory because he wants to reduce electricity bills. Mr John emphasized to us that his machine has to work non-stop, so he has to ensure that the power supply of the system will not be interrupted. We told him that our inverter has a complementary function of city power. It adopts the SCR technology imported from Germany. When the battery is run out, it can automatically switch to city power in 0 seconds, and it can protect the stability of the output current. Mr John was very happy and thought that our 30kw solar system was very match his needs. He immediately confirmed the details of the order with us.

We also introduced our newly introduced solar panel--the PERC solar panel (Shingled solar panels), which is American technology, has higher power efficiency and longer warranty time. The customer said he had heard of this solar panel before, and it was indeed better than monocrystalline solar panel, the power generation efficiency is higher, so he chose shingled solar panels.

Yesterday we received feedback from Mr John. He said that our 30kw off grid solar system does switch the utility power in 0 seconds. He doesn't have to worry about the sudden power failure affecting the operation of the machine. Solar power is used during the day and battery power is used at night. If the battery power is insufficient, it will automatically switch to the city power. It is really saving money and worry-free. The customer is very grateful to us for configuring such a matching solar 30kva system for him.

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