TANFON 10KW PLUS Lithium Battery Solar System in Norway

0 admin 2021-09-26 15:46:27

We have a Norwegian customer Nick. His neighbor bought a 5kva solar system in our company in 2019. After using it, he found it very good. Nick also wanted to install one in his home, so he found us. According to the loads information provided by the customer, he has two 1.5HP air conditioners and two refrigerators at home, so we recommend him to use a 10KW inverter. Customer’s electricity consumption is about 900 kWh per month. After calculation, 5KW solar panel is enough, and 10KW Solar Energy System is not required.

The customer said that he received a quotation from another company and provided him with 10KW solar panel. Now he knows that he does not need so many panels and the cost can be reduced accordingly. He thought that we are very professional on designing system and considerate to customers.

The customer also asked about the difference between lithium batteries and gel batteries. We told him that lithium batteries have a longer life than gel batteries, and are easy to install and connect, small size can save shipping costs, but the price will be higher. Choose the one that suits you is the best. After consideration, he chose lithium batteries.

We made a quotation to him, the customer was very satisfied and made the payment. He said that he believed in our products. He saw his neighbor saved a lot of electricity cost after installing a solar system at home, and the electricity is stable. He can't wait to use the off grid solar system soon.

If you also want to save electricity bills and use electricity freely, please contact us as soon as possible!


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