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How to choose solar power system Battery?

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How to choose solar power system Battery?

For off-grid solar system, it can install gel battery and lithium battery,what is the difference between the two batteries? how to choose the battery?


Gel battery

Lithium battery




The number of cycles

DOD 70%  cycles 1500 times

In order to protect battery life, only 70% discharge is allowed

DOD100%  cycles 3000 times

Can be 100% deep discharge

Capacity comparison

100AH gel battery = 70AH lithium battery capacity

Service life



System installation picture




Large volume

heavy weight

 high freight

Small volume

light weight

saving freight costs


Series and parallel connections are more complicated and require large space

Connect one wire each for the positive and negative poles;

easy to install and save space

Actual installation picture

(See the battery section)



Free warranty time

2 years

Ship the new for service

3 years

Ship the new for service




Which one is better?

Decide according to your budget and usage requirements, the one that suits you is the best


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