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What is difference between diesel generator and solar power system?

0 admin 2021-09-15 15:21:12

What is difference between diesel generator and solar power system?

Nowadays, in countries with power shortages, almost every household has a diesel generator. but compare with solar system, which one is better? We analyze from different angles as follows:


Diesel generator

Solar power system





1.)Early product purchases are cheap

2.)Small installation area

3.)Simple and convenient to use

1.)0 noise



4.)Stable output voltage/frequency, protect load


1.)The diesel needs to be changed regularly, it cannot work for a long time and needs to be guarded manually;

2.)The maintenance frequency is high and the maintenance cost is high.


4.)The emitted electricity has impurities, and the frequency/voltage is unstable

1.)High one-time price

2.)Worried about the trouble of installing without an electrician

3.)Large installation area

Social environment perspective

Produce a lot of high temperature exhaust gas and smoke,exhaust pollution and noise cause public hazards

With the current changes in the environment it is significant to implement solar power in every building

Cost of investment

The upfront cost is low, but every day you have to spend money on diesel to supply electricity.

The initial cost is high, but one-time investment and free electricity.

Return on investment

Negative equity. if bought a generator, and every time

had to buy fuel and lubricants, a large fixed expense

Always generate free electrical power and renewable energy,save electricity bill.

A long term solar power investment is an investment bound to secure cost effective and environmentally friendly results.


Which is better?

For the health of the family, to improve the quality of life, and for the ecological environment of human beings, solar power generation systems are the best.


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