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How to connect lithium battery and solar inverter?

0 admin 2021-07-28 17:06:56

This is an 80kw off-grid solar system with 384V 150ah lithium battery storage,also called stand lone lithium solar system.For lithium batteries, it is made up of 8pcs 48V150ah lithium batteries connected in series, which can store 57.6kwh capacity. the series connection is the positive and negative connections between the batteries, and finally there is a total negative output and a total positive output connected to the battery port of the inverter. In addition,our lithium battery also has a signal line.after the signal line is connected, the battery signal can be obtained, so that we can read the battery data on the mobile phone or computer.

For the solar inverter part, we usually add an air-switch between the inverter and the battery to prevent the instantaneously high current of the battery from impacting the inverter and generating sparks. At the same time, it can also ensure our safety.

After starting the switch on the lithium battery, you can first use a multimeter to test the battery voltage on the air-switch. If the voltage is normal, you can turn on the battery switch on the inverter. at this time, you may hear an alarm sound from the inverter, don’t worry, first check whether you are connected to the mains, if not, this is normal; you only need to press the "mute button" on the inverter You can turn off the alarm sound.

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