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How to correctly configure a suitable and safe solar system?

0 admin 2024-03-20 13:31:32

Solar energy systems are considered valuable assets and fixed capital investments for ordinary people. Safety is the primary criterion for everyone to choose a solar system supplier. Only with appropriate professional configuration can you achieve safety. So how to choose a suitable and safe solar system proposal among many supplier offers?

Our customer George from Monaco is an industrial and commercial contractor. He recently purchased a 50kw system for his customer in Kiribati. Years of experience in purchasing from China gave him many suppliers to choose from, and this time was no exception. He found TANFON SOLAR with the basic configurations from other suppliers and asked me to quote based on this configuration.

I was keenly aware that the customer's actual demand was a 50KW industrial system, and the solution of five units of 10KW low-voltage 48V paralleling inverters provided by his original supplier would NOT be effective when dealing with large industrial and commercial load and high-voltage operations. It is insufficient and the service life of the system is relatively short.

Designs with multiple inverters in parallel may increase complexity. Each inverter requires independent installation, wiring and commissioning and requires additional wiring and connection equipment. This increases the overall cost of the system, as well as the installation and maintenance effort.
Configuration and coordination between multiple inverters can present certain challenges. Load and power need to be distributed reasonably. If there are performance differences or inconsistencies between inverters, it may lead to unbalanced power output, reduced system efficiency or failure.
Low voltage batteries connected in parallel do not work that well because the internal resistance is relatively large, because the five batteries cannot always have the same voltage. If they work for a long time, there will be the internal resistance will be larger if the voltage difference is used, which will affect the work of the battery.

The solution I gave is a 50KW 384V IGBT inverter equipped with a high-voltage lithium battery cabinet 384V 150AH. Why should I configure the system this way?

Industrial grade IGBT model, take heavy load safely 365 days a year.
Simplify the system structure and reduce the number of inverters, thereby reducing the potential risk of failure.
Designs using a single inverter allow for easier overall system configuration and control. Coordination and communication between inverters is simpler, and system operation and monitoring are more convenient. Additionally, for off-grid systems, a single inverter can better manage key components such as battery systems and energy storage.
The single inverter design reduces the workload of maintenance and daily operations. Fewer inverters means less equipment to monitor, maintain and update to ensure system reliability and long-term operation.
As per the battery please take one set 384V 150AH battery, we provide you with a whole battery, with consistent voltage better stability, and the capacity is similar to them. BTW, ours lithium battery is high voltage battery which is like the industrial used standard quality .

This is undoubtedly a more professional, safer and reasonable solution. The customer believed my recommendation and put forward the requirements for the solar/battery and mains automatic switching function ATS based on the needs of the inverter. Our IGBT inverter comes with this function. The thyristor module imported from Germany, in the battery priority mode, when the battery reaches a low voltage state, the inverter will automatically switch to the mains connection so to better take the loads, and the switching time is only within 0 seconds. There is no need to increase customer costs to implement ATS functions.

The customer once again studied our inverter parameters and the configuration of the entire system solution with his technical team, and finally chose TANFON SOLAR.

If you also need to configure a suitable and safe solar system, please contact TANFON SOLAR. We will use our professional knowledge and patient attitude to configure a suitable and safe solar system for you.


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