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Maybe you also have the concerns about buying solar system

0 admin 2024-03-19 13:29:26

Solar energy systems are considered valuable assets and fixed capital investments for ordinary people. Therefore, when selecting a supplier, customers, like our American client working in Saudi Arabia, tend to be extra cautious.
Perhaps you also have concerns and a sense of insecurity when purchasing such systems. Let's explore the different aspects in which customers may feel insecure and how we alleviate those concerns.

1.Concerns about suitability for their specific needs:
This particular customer is using a 6HP geothermal heat pump in the United States. Based on our professional recommendation, we advised them to use a utility frequency machine with a minimum 15KW system. However, when comparing multiple quotes from different suppliers, including Chinese and American vendors, we noticed that they all used high-frequency wall-mounted machines. We explained the differences to the customer, emphasizing that utility frequency machines with transformers possess stronger surge resistance, which is crucial for their inductive load heat pump. High-frequency machines, on the other hand, only have a power supply board without a transformer, making them more susceptible to breakdowns. Our inverters, equipped with IGBT modules using German technology, offer enhanced surge resistance and durability compared to standard MOS tubes. Although the customer continued to compare prices, they still reached out to us during the process, indicating that our words resonated with them. They also understood that price discrepancies were due to material differences. Comparing prices is normal for any consumer, but the most cost-effective approach is to choose a product that truly aligns with their usage requirements.
After our discussions and professional recommendations, the customer ultimately decided to collaborate with us, trusting our configuration, expertise, products, and services. Initially, they planned to purchase a 10KW and 15KW system, but after reviewing our website and consulting with friends, they switched both systems to the IGBT inverter model. This further confirmed our earlier statement, assuring the customer that IGBT inverters offer superior quality. While investing in a solar energy system might require a substantial upfront cost, the return on investment is quick, and the user experience is crucial as it serves your home and family. Our goal is not just to sell products but to provide solutions that align with your specific usage requirements. It's natural to have concerns, and we are here to address them professionally, alleviating any worries. Ultimately, the customer has the freedom to make their own choice.

2.Concerns about US import anti-dumping tariffs:
For shipments to the United States, we offer DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) door-to-door transportation, which helps avoid high tariffs at the port. Our agents handle customs clearance, tax payment, and delivery arrangements, allowing you to simply wait for the goods to arrive at your doorstep.

3.Concerns about US voltage compatibility:
The US operates on dual-phase 110V and 220V electrical systems. Our inverters are designed to accommodate these voltages, and we have already exported numerous systems to the United States. We can provide the customer with feedback and installation images from our American clients, further instilling trust in our products and services.

After the customer places an order, we continue discussing installation details and provide them with comprehensive installation instructions, connection diagrams, and step-by-step guidance. Customers can check "yes" upon successfully and safely installing our solar energy systems, ensuring their peace of mind. Additionally, our professional engineers are available online to provide installation guidance, ensuring a worry-free purchase experience.
If you have any questions or concerns while selecting a solar energy system, feel free to engage in discussions with the TANFON team.

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