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African Customers Buying Solar Systems: Local or from China?

0 admin 2024-03-15 15:43:31

We live in an apartment in South Africa and face power outages on a daily basis. Our landlord suggested downloading an app called ESP APP, which provides information about the daily power outage schedule and sends notifications to our phones before the outages occur. However, the duration of the outages varies each day, sometimes lasting 2 hours, sometimes 4 hours, and occasionally stretching up to 6 hours.

This experience has made us acutely aware of the challenges faced by the African people without access to electricity. As apartment tenants, we rely on cooking our own meals every day. However, during power outages, we are unable to use the electric stove, cook our food, or even access the internet. Our phones and computers also become unusable due to the lack of power. We are left sitting on the couch, unable to do anything, waiting for the electricity to come back on.



Sometimes, we find ourselves eating dinner in the dark, relying on the light from our phones to assist us.

Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that what the African people need is not just a solar power system but a solar power system that can provide 24/7 reliable electricity.

However, why do cheap solar systems exist in the local market? This creates a misconception for customers: why consider buying from China when it is cheaper and comes with installation and timely after-sales service available locally? To gain a deeper understanding of the market situation, we made a special trip to China Town and solar markets alongside the South African exhibition.

From a professional perspective, there are several issues that customers looking to purchase solar systems should be aware of:

1.Due to the highly competitive solar market in South Africa during the pandemic, many non-professional traders have started importing solar products for sale, just like stores selling shoes, bags, or mobile phones and computers. These products often consist of older technology solar panels with only 11 cells. According to the store owners, many companies imported a large quantity of outdated technology solar panels at once, so they are simply clearing their inventory. While the solar panels may be of older technology, it doesn't severely impact power generation, but rather affects efficiency.

2.The focus lies in lithium batteries. Many stores placed bulk orders for lithium batteries, and you can see unopened packages in their warehouses. Although these lithium batteries have valid safety certifications and intact packaging, there is a characteristic of lithium batteries that their capacity decreases if left uncharged for more than 3 months from the production date. However, many local companies lack the expertise to provide such services, resulting in diminished battery capacity or reduced compatibility. Hence, you may end up purchasing older products with lowered quality due to prolonged storage time. If you plan to buy locally, carefully check the production dates, which can be obtained from the bill of lading.

3.Most of the locally sold inverters are high-frequency inverters. The store owners informed us that they assist end-customers with installation but don't allow the connection of inductive load devices such as air conditioners, water heaters, or water pumps. This means that the system is only suitable for lighting and small electronic devices, unable to meet the customer's full power requirements.

In summary, while there are cheap solar systems available in the local market, their quality and functionality are limited. If customers desire 24/7 reliable power supply, they need to consider the advantages of purchasing solar systems from China:
1)China has extensive experience and technological advantages in the solar field. Companies like TANFON SOLAR focus on the R&D and production of solar technology and enjoy a good reputation worldwide. Can guarantee you the same quality as government projects

2)TANFON safety solar systems typically come with comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. They can provide professional installation teams to ensure proper installation and functioning of the systems. Additionally, they offer after-sales technical support and repair services to ensure prompt assistance and solutions for customers during usage.

Although purchasing solar systems from China might involve additional transportation and installation costs, considering the advantages in terms of quality and service, it could be a more reliable and long-term choice. Customers should weigh factors such as price, quality, and service and make an informed decision that suits their needs.

Lastly, it is advisable for customers to conduct thorough research and comparisons before purchasing solar systems, communicate with multiple suppliers, and gather information about product specifications, prices, and after-sales services to make a wise decision.


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