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How to conduct on-site survey for a vineyard solar power system?

0 admin 2024-03-11 16:08:22

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Project Type: Vineyard Solar Power System
Capacity: 430KWH Solar System for Farm Use
Purpose of Installing Solar: Saving Electricity and Fuel Costs.

On March 8, 2024, after attending the exhibition in Cape Town, the TANFON team received an invitation from a customer to conduct an on-site survey at their farm to understand the requirements for a vineyard solar power system. The farm is located in a large vineyard area measuring 14 kilometers by 11 kilometers, including the farm, winery, offices, and staff housing. Two electricians from the customer accompanied us throughout the survey.

The entire farm has two transformers and three centralized electricity consumption areas. Currently, the farm is powered by two diesel generators, with priority given to electricity supplied by a third-party power company. The diesel generators are only activated when there is insufficient power supply.

First Area: 200KW Transformer + 150KW Diesel Generator
The electricity in this area is mainly used for powering the winery equipment and offices. The customer plans to install ground-mounted solar panels on an open space located 50 meters away from the diesel generator. Due to the proximity to the seaside, corrosion-resistant hot-dip galvanized brackets were chosen to extend the lifespan of the solar panels.



Second Area: Only 11KV Grid Electricity, No Diesel Generator
The electricity in this area mainly supplies two pumps with capacities of 45KW and 57KW. These pumps do not operate simultaneously and work for approximately 5 hours each day. The customer wishes to supply excess electricity generated in this area to other areas when there is no demand for electricity.

Third Area: 100KW Diesel Generator
The electricity in this area mainly supplies the two pumps mentioned earlier and the power requirements of the staff dormitories. The two pumps also do not operate simultaneously and work for 5 hours each day.

Customer's Requirements:
The first area requires a separate solar power system to ensure a stable power supply for the winery and offices.
The second and third areas can share a single solar power system. Excess electricity generated by the solar system can be transmitted to the first area. Since the two areas are approximately 5 kilometers apart, transmission can be done through an 11KV high-voltage transformer to reduce energy loss and significantly improve the efficiency of the solar power system.

Based on the on-site survey and the customer's provided monthly electricity bills, diesel costs, and electricity consumption, we have tailored two sets of 115KWH and one set of 200KWH solar power systems.

By considering the diesel costs and third-party electricity expenses, the payback period is estimated to be within 2.5 years. The solar panels have a lifespan of 25-30 years, while the lithium batteries and inverters have a lifespan of 5-10 years. This is not just a transaction; it is an investment and a wealth.

For this vineyard solar power system project, TANFON provides installation services by a technical team to ensure a worry-free experience for the customer. TANFON solar power systems can be used independently or in parallel. If you have similar solar power system projects for your farm and wish to save costs on third-party electricity and diesel generation, please feel free to consult us, and we will provide you with a solution.

Is TANFON solar power system customizable according to the specific needs of the farm?

Yes, TANFON solar power systems can be customized according to the specific needs of the farm. TANFON has a professional technical team with extensive experience in providing tailored solar energy solutions based on factors such as the farm's scale, electricity demand, and geographical conditions.

Based on your farm's situation, TANFON can conduct detailed analysis and calculations using information such as your electricity bills, diesel costs, and electricity consumption to determine the most suitable scale and configuration of the solar power system for your farm. Whether for independent use or parallel use in multiple areas, TANFON can design an efficient and stable solar power system.

In addition, TANFON can also customize other functionalities for your farm based on your specific requirements, such as energy storage systems, smart monitoring systems, etc., to further enhance the performance and management effectiveness of the solar power system.

Therefore, if you have specific farm requirements, TANFON solar power systems can provide you with customized solutions to meet your needs and achieve the goal of saving energy costs.

Does TANFON solar power system provide after-sales service and warranty?

When you receive the goods, there will be a one-on-one engineer to guide the installation online for you.

When your solar energy needs maintenance, there will be a solar housekeeper in the APP to remind you to maintain the system regularly. Perfect after-sales service process to ensure your experience of using solar energy.

For more information on TANFON's after-sales service commitment, you can visit the following link:


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