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What is TANFON's after-sales service commitment?

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When you first cooperate with us, you may have doubts about whether TANFON can provide sufficient after-sales protection. We understand that purchasing a solar system is an important investment, especially in the current competitive industry, and trust in us takes time to build. So, you may be wondering what is TANFON’s after-sales service process and attitude?

1) Transportation damage: If the goods are damaged during transportation, we will keep promises of TANFON’s after-sales service commitment. Our company's after-sales service exceeds expectations, ensuring your satisfaction!


2)Solar panel defects: Even if the solar panel is defective, even if it can still work, we will not shirk our responsibility. We provide unparalleled after-sales support to guarantee that  your satisfaction is our top priority!

3) Professional service team: After you receive the goods, we have a professional after-sales service team to follow up on your project, then you will experience our company's unique after-sales service.


4) Installation problem solving: If a problem occurs during the installation of the solar system, we will quickly make professional judgment and solve it. Our professional installation team will provide you with a worry-free after-sales service experience.



"Choose us for unparalleled after-sales service and a seamless experience!"

TANFON Safe Solar is a factory in China focusing on solar energy production and services.

We have strict requirements on product raw materials, production systems, packaging systems, as well as customer installation steps and regular maintenance to ensure the service life of the solar system. For home use customers, this system is also a family asset. For industrial and commercial use customers, this system is an investment, and our mission and ultimate goal is to maximize benefits.

TANFON Vision: By 2032, we will provide 4,000 industrial and commercial users with lifetime maintenance solar power systems that are cheaper than fossil fuels, achieving lower electricity bills and energy independence.
Through the hard work of all TANFON employees, we will return God's gift to society, become a public welfare for the society, and become a gift shared by TOP, employees and customers.


we can also provide on-site installation services, our engineer could go to your site to guide the installation , btw we could also provide after-sales training services to train your engineers, let your engineers become experts in the solar energy industry.


Don't let cheap,bad quality solar inverter waste your precious time:

Choose Tanfon , Choose satisfaction

A Nigerian customer bought a system from elsewhere after comparing prices, but was not given a warranty when it broke, so he finally bought the panels and inverter from us

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