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What are the risks of buying a solar system?

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If there is such a person, who can now communicate.

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No matter you choose TANFON SOLAR or not, I want to tell you the risks of purchasing a solar system, hoping to really help you.


The solar panel must choose the glue overflow process. The glue should be put into the frame gap in advance, and then the glass should be inserted into the frame gap. If the glue is filled manually, water will leak after 5 years, which will affect the life of the solar panel.


N-type TopCon series solar panel ,16-18 grids. The convergence welding must be done automatically. If you solder manually, the soldering area may become hot, and the panel may be burned or not soldered, resulting in no data output from the panel. 


The quality of lithium batteries is determined by the cell + protective board. Generally, the cells are produced from large factories. The protective board must choose an industrial-grade design. In addition to normal overvoltage, undervoltage and other protection functions, this kind of protection board can actively balance the voltage between cells to maximize the life of cells and batteries.


The inverter is composed of more than 200 components. Each component has a different cost and price. If you want stable and pure power, you need to add reactance technology;

Many inverters with problems are changing the technical materials. Be sure to choose thyristor conversion. If you want to know the service life of the inverter, you need to understand the materials and perform pre-factory testing. This can greatly reduce the risk of purchasing a solar system.


Q: What happen if the solar energy storage system is not tested as a complete set running before shipment?

A: If the system test is not done before shipment, you may receive the system and find it incompatible running, especially for a lithium battery system, the communication connection and other problems may occur, affecting your system work normally.


Q: Why can't the solar system be connected properly even though with installation instructions?

A: 1) There are many suppliers who are just the traders. You give him money and he gives you the goods, so he is only responsible for the product, not for your use. So you need to identify it before buying.

2) The installation instructions are not detailed enough, and your electricians cannot understand well.

3) There are many suppliers with no English-speaking technician support, so they cannot provide you with good and prompt service in installation support.


A: If you don’t have a technical engineer who can speak English, you can only rely on your supplier’s salesman to help you solve the after-sales service. There will be many communication and technical difficulties. As a result, it takes a long time to solve the problem and postpone your turnkey deadline.


Hope the above knowledge and FAQ on solar system can help you choose the right solar supplier.

Wish you a happy purchase and a happy use.

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