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Why do the military project choose TANFON?

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Why do the military project choose TANFON ?


Firstly, It’s a great honor for TANFON to gain the project of 253 sets solar energy systems (30KW-50KW-80KW-100KW )for the Chinese government and military use, which will be installed in 30 provinces in China.

Why do the national government project also choose TANFON ?
Reliability and durability: According to the bidding requirements of the National Design Institute, CHINT’s materials, IGBT, and SEMIKROM brand were selected for the switch.
Able to operate in harsh environmental conditions and resist the effects of extreme temperatures, vibration and other adverse factors. Highly reliable and durable.

2)Quality and reliability: The military has very high requirements on product quality and reliability. Suppliers must have a 6S quality management system, product certification (Thiel certification, 3C certification) and audit processes to ensure that the solar products purchased can perform well in harsh environments and long-term use.

3)Security and confidentiality: TANFON’s solar system IOT intelligent management adopts security design and confidentiality measures to ensure that solar products will not become potential security holes or risks of information leakage.

4)Service and support: TANFON Energy provides comprehensive after-sales service and support. After evaluating TANFON's technical support capabilities, maintenance services, training and remote support, it was confirmed that the solar system can receive timely and effective support during use.


5)Cooperation history and reputation: TANFON has successfully cooperated with the Chinese government or international governments on many solar energy projects, and has gained a good reputation and accumulated excellent experience in government projects.

This is the military solar system color. This symbolizes the authority of the military and the craftsmanship of TANFON, and is also the mission of the TANFON brand. 
If you have government projects need to provide professional solutions support, please reach out to TANFON.

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