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TANFON factory tested 100KW off grid solar system with lithium battery

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Have you ever seen how the lithium battery high-power solar system work? Such as 100kva solar system with battery

This is an on-board solar system.This is for the medical use. The solar panels are installed in the fixed place, but the inverter and the battery are in the mobile cars. This is mainly to take the PHILIPS medical equipment.


All the medical equipment are required the inverter which is very strict. Why the customers choose our TANFON, because of our production material flow, production process flow, and production debugging process. The main components of our inverter are imported from Germany, which fully meets the characteristics of medical equipment. It is 60% stronger than the normal inverters in the market. It is very stable!


Each core inside the lithium battery has its own barcode, which is the grade A product. The barcode of the whole battery is corresponded to the QR code of the core inside. All the data can be traced. What we do this is to give our customers better after-sales service.


Ok, next we will show you how to connect the 100kw off grid solar system.

This is the lithium battery, it is already installed. How to turn on the battery? Here has the button of the "power", you could press this button, it is ok.

Now the battery has already turned on. You will hear the sound, so that the battery has already turned on.


And then the battery is connected to the inverter. After the lithium battery is connected to the inverter, you need to use the meter to test the battery voltage it is correct or not. After checking the voltage it is ok, now turn on the switches on the backside of the inverter. Firstly turn on the battery switch, secondly turn on the city power switch, thirdly turn on the bypass switch, finally turn on the output switch.

Ok, you could see the screen of the inverter, now the inverter is working.


Now i will show you how to turn off the inverter. Firstly turn off the output switch, secondly turn off the city power switch and the bypass switch, finally turn off the battery switch. At last ,turn off the battery. Press the button,and then see the flash, turn off it, it is ok.


If you have any requirement about the solar panel 100kw system to take the loads such as the precision equipment, please feel free to contact with us.

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