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How big a solar system is needed for a restaurant?

0 admin 2024-03-13 14:24:02

Regarding the restaurant located in Johannesburg, South Africa, we recommend installing a 100KW solar power system. Currently, the restaurant, along with a toy factory and a shop, operates within the same complex, with one main switch and three sub-switches.

Based on our on-site inspection, the restaurant currently purchases approximately 340KWH of electricity per day from the national grid and uses 30 liters of diesel. The electricity tariff is 3 rand per kilowatt-hour.
Considering the high electricity costs and the noise generated by diesel generators, installing a solar power system is an ideal solution.
During the inspection, we found that the actual electricity currents are as follows: Rooi 45A, Geel 94A, Blou 142A. All electrical equipment operates only during the day, and there is no need for electricity after 5 pm when the restaurant closes.


The client also showed us the location on the roof of the carport where they plan to install the solar panels. They also intend to build a small structure to accommodate the inverter, lithium batteries, and other components. The distance from this location to the distribution board is approximately 30 meters.
Additionally, the client requires door-to-door transportation services, which we can provide to meet their needs.
Regarding installation services, we offer detailed installation manuals, installation guidelines, installation videos, project handover checklists, as well as online installation assistance and after-sales support from our engineers. These services have been successfully implemented in our previous 150KW solar power system project with a client in Sierra Leone. We requested the client to find an electrician familiar with positive and negative circuitry to follow our instructions and checklist for installation, while our engineers provided online guidance. As a result, the installation and commissioning were completed in just three days, and the system has been operating smoothly.
Here is the feedback from the client:

With TANFON, you don't need to worry about installation and after-sales service. We prioritize providing high-quality products and excellent customer service, ensuring the success and lifespan of your project. If you have similar solar power system projects for restaurants, factories, or shops, please feel free to contact us. Our professional team is ready to meet your needs.


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