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Site Survey for 0.5MW Solar ESS Project at palm garden of Rabaul,PNG


In order to configure the most suitable solar power system for the customer's project, Invited by our customers, we came to Papua New Guinea o November 2023. Conducted site survey for client’s solar system project at Palm Garden Farm.

This is a group company of 5,000 people staffs:
1. Staff dormitory solar power system,
2. Office solar power system,
3. Timber mill solar power system,
4. The supermarket solar power system in the group,
5. Clinic solar power system,
6. Police station solar power system

inspects Papua New Guinea solar ESS project

inspects Papua New Guinea solar

Before coming for site survey in PNG, the customer's engineerteam had provided basic information such as the specific load power and power consumption daily of the project.


The client's farm is located in 2 different locations, one on the island and the other on the outskirts of the mountain and down the mountain.

The employees at each base live some distance apart. 
After arriving at the project address, based on the diesel generators currently in use by the customers (diesel generator's power, fuel consumption, working hours) and the current actual needs of the customers, the system was reconfigured, completely different from the initial plan.
Below is the demand list after the actual site survey.


Solar energy configuration requirement table


Through the on-site investigation case of this farm, we can see that on-site investigation is very necessary for medium and large solar power  system projects. 
On the one hand, it can configure the most suitable system for the customer's project, thereby avoid configuring unsuitable solar power system that bring losses to customers.

On the other hand, it can reduce the time cost of communication and accurately confirm the installation angle for the solar panel and panel rack, installation materials and more precautions.

If your project is complex and the locations are scattered, it is recommended to ask our sales engineer team to conduct an on-site inspection.

If your project is relatively simple, you can also choose online video survey and communication.


Data required to configure a correct solar system:
1) Total load rated power
2) Maximum peak load power
3) Diesel generator power
4) Diesel generator fuel consumption
5) Ratio of electricity consumption during the day and at night
6) If you want to know the cost difference and return on investment of using a diesel generator versus a solar power system, please provide the price of diesel you use.

Reasons why customers choose TANFON Solar:
1) TANFON Solar has rich experiences in large-scale government projects. The company has 15 years of experiences, professional and reliable.
2) The salesman responds to customers in time and has professional conversational skills so that engineers can quickly understand and provide data.
3) Provide professional pre-sales survey and after-sales installation services, which are safe and reliable.


After site survey for the client, the customer also arranged an island trip for our sales engineer team.Thank you for client warm hospitality. We are destined to cooperate. We are customers and even friends.
May the world be peaceful, may people be friendly, may the world be harmonious.
I hope you all have a happy time every day.
It was a perfect ending to the project site survey trip.
The following are happy moments with clients.

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