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What are the advantages of using safety energy storage system?

0 admin 2024-01-31 10:32:42

Do you want to know more on TANFON SOLAR safety energy storage system ,pls follow me,

This is a three-in-one 215KWH off&on grid intelligence solar system for Europe market, To guarantee the electrical Safety, we choose HUAWEI UPS, to maintain the stable supply for our EMS, ready to issue instructions 24 hours a day, so the entire solar energy storage system can work stably.

This is PCS, this is DC to DC, MPPT controller. This is meter,in whole system will have 2 pcs meter,
One install on the container ,other one install grid side.

The connection of this system is very simple and convenient, only need connect PV and output,

our engineer team can help you to operate the switch on & off, and online commissioning in the background, through the TANFON IOT software.

Our IOT can not only check the solar system data, but also send the regular maintenance reminders, extend the lifespan of the solar system.

TANFON ESS Advantages:
1) Huawei brand materials ensure safe and stable power.
2) The lithium battery modules work independently without affecting each other, making it convenient for after-sales maintenance.
3) Dual fire protection design of water + gas, safe +++.
4) Online remote debugging, saving installation and maintenance costs.
5) TANFON IOT, regular maintenance reminders to extend the service life of the system.


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