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Solar Carport for bus station-green building

0 admin 2019-05-22 15:35:38

This solar carport project is in Foshan, near No.1 Hospital.

The solar carport help the hospital to solve the parking problem and provide power to the bus station.

solar carport

There are more than 2200 pcs solar panel place on top of the carport, total 614kw, 31,500㎡,and the annual power generation is about 600,000 kWh per year, cover 911 car parking lots.

solar carport

These solar panels system helps the bus station to achieve zero energy consumption. In daytime, solar panels send power to the gird, at the same time to provide 10set 36kw charging pile for the buses. The daytime solar power send to the gird, and at nights use the gird power for lights, elevator, and charging pile 24hours.

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